Tactus Technologies is pleased to introduce 3D Forklift, an innovative and new virtual reality (VR) safety trainer developed with a grant from the National Institutes of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). Watch the video.

3D Forklift radically improves safety and reduces training duration by using virtual reality technology. The specific goal is to significantly reduce the injury rate caused by forklift accidents through an intuitive, low cost training platform that gives forklift operators the opportunity to study operating safety standards, rehearse them, and then be tested and evaluated on their understanding of them.  This constructive and active cognitive experience of operating a forklift, cannot be attained using video tapes or other training materials currently on the market.

Operators can learn to drive a forklift in a customized environment matching your needs (such as your warehouse, plant, or retail space). If you do not want to invest in a custom environment, you can use the standard warehouse environment provided in the software.

The 3D Forklift software allows new and seasoned operators to experience “real-world” forklift operations, and mistakes, without endangering lives or property.  Interactive lessons set in a 3D environment give operators hands-on experience.  Forced reaction, decision making and immediate feedback reinforce safe operating techniques.  Operators learn new skills, correct “bad habits” and confront safety challenges such as ramps, elevators, and railroad tracks, to name a few.  Personal profiles track trainee progress and evaluate performance.

Tactus’ 3D Forklift safety trainer is a PC based, virtual reality forklift trainer that utilizes commercial off-the-shelf gaming hardware (steering wheel) to achieve a realistic experience in which an operator can study and rehearse OSHA forklift safety specifications in a zero risk environment.  The user proceeds through a library of specific modules, each corresponding to a specific OSHA specification. 


Why 3D Forklift?

• Improves Safety

• OSHA Based Curriculum

• Reduced Training Time

• Low-Cost Solution