Why V-Frog?


V-Frog™ is superior to both physical specimens and multimedia in many ways. V-Frog™ allows true real-time interaction, just like a real specimen, plus it adds exciting new virtual surgery technology for an unparalleled educational experience.

Learning Benefits:
- Life-like 3D specimen
- Student can freely manipulate virtual specimen
- Provides an exploratory based interaction
- Provides an "authentic" experience
- Actions are repeatable for optimal learning
- Student-directed learning path
- Superior learning by watching systems come to life

Health and Safety Concerns:
- No teacher or student exposure to chemicals
- No student exposure to dangerous instruments

Moral and Ethical Issues:
- No specimen harm
- No ecosystem harm

Instructional Benefits:
- Instructor can model dissection using projector
- Activity not constrained to lab environment
- No specimen disintegration
- Multiple use of specimen/software

Other Benefits:
- Complies with Life Science standards
- Complies with Inquiry standards


comparative anatomy
Comparative Anatomy

Cutting Frog's Skin

internal organs
Heart and Lungs

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