V-Frog™ is the world’s first virtual reality-based frog dissection software designed for biology education.  Using a simple mouse and basic personal computer, a student can pick up a scalpel, cut and open the skin of the frog, and explore anatomy, physiology, and evolution, just like he or she would with a physical frog.

V-Frog™ promises to deliver an educational experience comparable to conventional frog dissection, without incurring the many problems that a conventional dissection poses. V-Frog™ was developed through a competitive grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

Features of V-Frog™ include:
- 3D Navigation
- Organ and Tissue Query
- Comparative Anatomy
- Activation (watch beating heart, digestion, and many more)
- Dissection
- Probing
- Endoscoping

To read a white paper on V-Frog, click the link below.
V-Frog White Paper (PDF)

For a V-Frog brochure, click links below.
- V-Frog brochure (LQ)
- V-Frog brochure (HQ) page1 | page2


Specimen Manipulation

Virtual Dissection

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