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We are a premiere provider of Virtual Reality and Simulation products and services. Partner with Tactus to improve your national and global competitiveness.

We will work with you to develop a custom solution that will help you make better business decisions, products, and systems. The ability to simulate and visualize your product, process, design, or scenario, will give you great insight, whether your building virtual worlds, or reconstructing historical data. Tactus will help you see it before you build it. Tactus offers the following services:

Legal Support Services:
Tactus builds simulations of crimes, accidents, building code violations, construction site layouts, and other real time visually based scenarios [see brochure].

Architectural and Civil Engineering Support Services:
Virtual Reality simulations are an invaluable tool for letting stakeholders experience your designs before the first brick is laid. Tactus builds real time VR flythroughs of projects ranging from parking lots, to bridges, to superstores. If a project is going to be built, let us build it in VR first to avoid costly mistakes and garner valuable input from all stakeholders [see brochure].

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Support Services:
Engineering design is often difficult to convey without expensive CAD packages and expert knowledge. By letting Tactus build a working protoype of your design or process in virtual reality, you can show your clients and other stakeholders how your proposed design works and allow a full review without the need for CAD licenses and other 3rd party runtime licenses.

Simulation Services:
Tactus can build custom numerical simulations that you can watch run in real time. We can, for example, let you watch traffic flow over a proposed bridge, we can even let you drive over the bridge yourself to review the design and functionality. We can also simulate factory production, space layout, pedestrian traffic and a variety of other processes.




Legal Situation Simulation

Legal Situation Simulation

Civil Engineering

Factory Simulation

Mechanical Eng. Simulation


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