Introducing V-Frog™ 2.0

Tactus Technologies is pleased to introduce V-Frog™, the world’s first virtual reality (V.R.) based frog dissection software designed for biology education. Using a simple mouse and basic personal computer, a student can pick up a scalpel, cut and open the skin of the frog, and explore the anatomy and physiology, just like he or she would with a physical frog.

V-Frog™ promises to deliver an educational experience comparable to conventional frog dissection, without incurring the many problems that a conventional dissection poses. V-Frog™ was developed through a competitive grant from the U.S. Department of Education.

Features of V-Frog™ include:
• 3D Navigation
• Organ and Tissue Query
• Comparative Anatomy
• Activations (watch the beating heart, digestion, and many more)
• Dissection (cut, peel, and remove organs)
• Probing
• Endoscoping

New Features of V-Frog™ 2.0 include:
• Additional Species (Flatworm, Sponge, and Jellyfish)
• Faster Simulation
• 3D Stereo (Cardboard, Shutter, and Polarized): Contact us for hardware requirements

System Recommendation:
• Windows XP/ Vista/ 7
• 300MB Disk Space
• 512MB, OpenGL 2.0 Video Card
• Contact us for 3D Stereo Requirements

To read a white paper on V-Frog, click the link below.
V-Frog White Paper (PDF)

V-Frog featured in The Wall Street Journal article

Coming Soon To Schools: Dissecting Frogs in 3-D (September 7, 2011)

V-Frog™ Shines in Academic Studies

A Comparison of V-Frog to Physical Frog Dissection, James Lalley et. al., International Journal of Environmental & Science Education, Vol. 5, No. 2, pp.189-200, April 2010

The Dissection Dilemma: Real Dissection versus Virtual Dissection in a Middle School Classroom, Casey Boothby, Northwest Nazarene University, 2009

Why V-Frog™?

• Real-time 3D Specimens

• Dissection Activities in the Lab

• No Environmental, Ethical Issues

• Reduced Learning Time